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It’s been a great ride.
Thanks for visiting Big Tree Campervans. As from the end of November 2019, Sarah and I are retiring from Big Tree Campervans. This means that we are closing the Big Tree Campervans Ltd business, and we are no longer renting out campervans.

Ten years ago, Sarah and I set up Big Tree Campervans from scratch when there was only one other campervan rental company in Scotland – we had a passion for campervan adventures, and a yearning to create our own business adventure. Over the past ten years the business has grown from strength to strength (as has the campervan/motorhome business sector in Scotland), and is now one of Scotland’s leading campervan rental companies. We’ve reached the point where we want to kick back a bit, have a wee bit more time for our own non-Big Tree adventures, and see our beloved Big Tree Campervans off in style!

We are immensely proud that over those ten years, we have run a successful and profitable business; employed some of the best and fun-est people we’ve had the privilege of ever working with; created a whole range of exciting and rewarding business relationships; and, not least, given thousands of lovely customers the opportunity to create their own awesome campervan adventures in Scotland.

If you want a recommendation of (another) great company, we’d suggest looking at the campervan rental company listings on the Campervan & Motorhome Professional Association (CAMPA) website, or the campervan rental listings on You can find links to them below.

We do still have a few of our fleet of campervan for sale. You can find the details on the Campervans For Sale page linked below.

So, thanks for all the Big Tree Campervans support, banter, encouragement, and giggles.

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