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Big Tree Customers have some Great Stories to Tell...
Big Tree Campervan Hire and Weddings: A Love Story

There’s nothing like a wedding to bring out the romantic in us here at Big Tree Campervans. And over the years we’ve been delighted to be part of some of our customers’ wedding plans. Maybe you want to do something a bit quirky, or a bit different. Maybe you want a laid-back, go as you […]

Ghost-Hunting Across Spooky Scotland in your own Mystery Machine Campervan

Ghost tours are proving to be really popular with visitors these days, and with such a long and rich history it’s no surprise that Scotland has its fair share of spooks and ghouls. Indeed a few years ago, Scotland was proclaimed one of the most haunted countries on earth! Of course Big Tree Campervans can’t […]

Big Tree customers have some great stories to tell…

One of the best things about running a tourism business like Big Tree Campervans is all the brilliant people from all over the world that we get to meet. Everyone always has a story to tell, whether they are visiting Scotland for the first time or are dedicated fans of all that Scotland’s great outdoors […]

Savour Scottish Cuisine on your Campervan Adventure

Sometimes the Scottish diet can get a little bad press. And it’s true that if you really want to, you will be able to find a deep-fried Mars bar… But if you shop locally you will also find a brilliant selection of delicious Scottish produce. We like to encourage our Big Tree Campervan customers to […]

Travel to Scotland, Overnight Sleeper Train from London

Several of our customers have literally slept their way here to pick up their Big Tree Campervan by choosing to travel to Scotland on the overnight Caledonian Sleeper train from London. This great service offers a very relaxing way to travel to Scotland and is much loved by locals and visitors alike. You can choose […]