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Take your Campervan to the Highland Games!

Well, May is nearly upon us, and at Big Tree Campervans we get really excited about the start of the Highland Games season – Highland Games take place in dozens of local communities across the whole of Scotland from May to September.

For those ofHighland Games Caber Toss you not familiar with them, they involve a unique combination of culture, sport and social craic. At all the Games you’ll see a really wide range of events, from the heavy events (hammer throwing, tossing the caber, throwing the hammer, the shot) through to the light events (running, cycling, tug-o-war, highland dancing, solo piping). All these events ensure a wonderful sound and atmosphere against a backdrop of some marvellous scenery! Often there is a small admission fee, and there’s nearly always some excellent food, drink, and other entertainment which makes for a fantastic day.


On your first visit to a Games, they can seem a bit chaotic, with lots of even taking place at the same time in different parts of the games field – you can often have athletic races speeding past a Highland dancing competition, with the drone of pipes from the pipes competition in the background, not to mention the ‘heavy’ events like caber tossing and tug-of-war all happening right in the middle!

We really would recommend fitting a day at the Games into your Big Tree Campervan adventure, and as well as spectating, there are often events which you can enter yourselves as a visitor – usually the athletic events which includes different length races, and always the fun children’s races!


To help you plan your visit to the Games, there’s a list of the dates on the Scottish Highland Games Association website, plus a useful map showing the locations of the various Games.

So, check out the dates, make some sort of a plan, and enjoy the Highland Games on your Big Tree Campervan adventure!