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BEFORE YOU DO BOOK, PLEASE DOUBLE CHECK THE PRICES AND, MOST IMPORTANTLY, THE AVAILABILITY FOR THE DATES YOU WANT, then simply fill out the form below with all of your campervan adventure requirements! We’ll be in touch ASAP to confirm your booking for a fantastic Big Tree Campervan adventure.


Please note; when you are filling out the Booking Form, the red asterisks (*) below indicate which fields are required. If you do not have any information for certain required fields, just type in n/a and we can discuss it later….


  We have a number of different campervans with slightly different specifications. If there is a campervan you prefer, please let us know and we will do our best to put you in that one. We will make sure that the campervan you have, can seat and sleep, the number of people you have listed on the Booking Form. Sometimes, however, we need to change campervans between different customers, often at short notice, and so we can’t always guarantee the exact campervan that you will be in. But don’t worry – they are all fab!


PLEASE NOTE, THIS IS THE PAGE YOU USE TO MAKE A SPECIFIC BOOKING OF ONE OF OUR FAB CAMPERVANS.  IF YOU JUST WANT A QUOTE FOR A CAMPERVAN, PLEASE DON’T USE THIS BOOKING FORM. Instead, just send us an email with the dates, the number of drivers and any fab extras you need.  We’ll then send you a quote and if you like it, you can book with us!


When you have finished, and pressed the “Submit Form” button at the bottom of the page, you’ll have to scroll back up to the top of this page to see a wee message which confirms your booking has been successfully submitted.

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Awning (£50)
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External Gas BBQ (£15)
Porta Potti (£15)
DVD Player (£20)
Sat Nav (£20)
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Windscreen and Tyres Reducer (£25)
(per hire)
Child Booster Seats (£0)
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Child Seat (£5)
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Bedding - Double (£20)
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Additional Camping Chairs (£5)
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Celebration Bubbly & Brownies (£20)
Scotland Camping Map (£8)
Avon Skin-So-Soft (£7)
Awning + DVD Player + BBQ (20% off!!)
Bike Rack + Sat Nav + BBQ (20% off !!)

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