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5 Campervan Hotspots for Wild Swimming

More and more adventurers are joining the latest trend for natural or wild swimming. And you really can’t beat a spot of outdoors swimming in Scotland, especially when the weather is sunny and hot. If you are also planning on a campervan holiday this summer then you’ll have more opportunity than most people to take […]

Top 5 “Easier” Munros for Campervanners
scottish munro

Campervans are a great way to travel and ideal for enjoying Scotland’s great outdoors. In a campervan you can arrive, park up, put on the kettle, have a brew and then get yourself ready for a great walk. It’s as simple as that. Returning to your Big Tree Campervan with central heating and all the […]

Awesome Arisaig Adventure

We’ve written before about this very very beautiful corner of Scotland, and the wonderful coastline of Arisaig is an area which does keep drawing us back for more Big Tree Campervan adventures.  This weekend, tempted by the excellent weather forecast for the north west of Scotland, Ed and I headed out that way for a ‘Dad […]

Not On A Campsite – No Problem!!!
Loch-side Campervan Location

At this time of year, we get loads of enquiries from folk who are not sure where they can ‘camp wild’ with a Big Tree Campervan. A campervan trip is a great way to explore the vast, rich and varied natural beauty of Scotland, and whilst there are a few sites which stay open all year […]

5 Campervan Hotspots for Adventurous Mountain Bikers

If you’re into mountain biking, then you’ll know that Scotland is one of the best destinations in the world. Here you’ll find a wealth of challenging trails at tailor-made mountain bike centres, as well as mile upon mile of exciting cross country routes. And if you’re looking for a great way to travel with your […]