Fun on The Water
Fun on Scottish Waters

Scotland’s lochs and rivers are world famous for epic canoe voyages, wicked white water and superb stretches of ‘pottering waterways’. The surf scene, on both west and east coasts has really taken off, and now has some world-renowned destinations. With all these sports being dependent on water levels, Big Tree Campervans give a great mobile base to ‘chase the water’ and enjoy any stretches of flat water, moving rapids or pounding reefs.


Top reasons why Big Tree Campervans are perfect for watersports activities.

  1. A perfect flexible base, so you really can chase the water levels or catch the right surf.
  2. A really cosy base to come back to after a big day out on the water, and quickly get your hands round that fresh cup of tea!
  3. Great option for a support party on those multi-day canoe voyages.
  4. Roof rack with plenty of space for carrying windsurfers, canoes, kayak or surf boards.
  5. Heated, so you can dry out your gear, and get out on the water all year round
  6. Wet-box option to stow any wet gear.
  7. Collect your campervan from the very heart of Scotland, and all the main rivers, and some great surf are within easy reach.
  8. You can take your own food (or buy it locally) and cook it up yourself – cheaper than restaurants and much more fun!