Hillwalking, Mountaineering & More

Scotland wouldn’t be Scotland without the Scottish hills and mountains! Whether you’re a committed ‘Munro-bagger’, after a leisurely walk in the hills, or taking part in a two-day adventure race, then Big Tree Campervans are the ideal mobile base. If your adventure is all about rock-climbing they are a great base for ticking your way through the classics (Classic Rock and Hard Rock in real style!), or finding the right crag to push your grade. They are also perfect for mountaineering, and don’t forget the advantage of a warm, mobile base to chase the conditions on your winter climbing adventure.

Top reasons why Big Tree Campervans are perfect for hillwalking, mountaineering and climbing…

  1. Flexibility to choose where you go so you can get the best out of the mountain conditions and weather.
  2. A really cosy base to come back to after a big day out on the hills.
  3. Heated, so you can dry out your gear, and can get out on the hills all year round.
  4. Plenty of easily accessible storage space for all your gear, whether it’s muddy, dusty or wet.
  5. You can take your own food (or buy it locally) and cook it up yourself – cheaper than restaurants and much more fun!
  6. Collect your campervan from the very heart of Scotland, with all the mountain and climbing areas in easy reach.
  7. Really easy to drive.