You are probably already aware that at Big Tree Campervans we are really keen on creating fun adventures.

So, this autumn, we are delighted to continue our sponsorship of the “Big Tree Campervans North East Regional Youth MTB Series.” This established race series is now its 6th year, and goes from strength to strength!

Teaming up again with Scottish Cycling and Developing Mountain Biking in Scotland, this 5-race multi-discipline series aimed at 6 -16 year olds. It allows young riders to develop a range of MTB skills, to try a range of disciplines of mountain biking, and is an excellent introduction to “non-serious” MTB races.  The young riders will get to experience the thrill of downhill (on a mini course), the exhilaration of XC racing and the burn of endurance mountain biking.

We will use the Big Tree Campervans Facebook Page to post the results of each race, and hopefully a few photos. Of course we all have a Big Tree Campervan at each of the races, so we look forward to seeing you at the races, and look forward to some fun mountain bike adventures!

And of course,.. the prizes for the series winners include a 2-day hire of a fab Big Tree Campervan!

Let’s face it, with a bike, a campervan and Scotland’s amazing scenery and trails – you can create one of the best adventures ever!

The dates for the races are below:

You can enter Rounds 1, 2, 4, 5 through the British Cycling Website (

You can enter Round 3 through the Drovers Tryst website. (

2018 Events
22nd Sep. (Saturday)
Round 1: Mineralwell Park, Stonehaven. Grampian Tigers
14th Oct. (Sunday)
Round 2: Hairy Coo Comrie Croft
28th Oct. (Sunday)
Round 3: Mini Downhill, Tay Titans (no on the day entry)
04th Nov. (Sunday)
Round 4: Lochore Meadows, Meedies BC
11th Nov. (Sunday)
Round 5: Templeton Woods, Discovery JCC

As the Big Tree Campervans North East Regional Youth MTB Series progresses, we’ll be able to see which young riders are in the running for the Series Prize.

Remember that each boy and girl in each age group gets points, (25 points for 1st place, 22 for 2nd, 20 for 3rd, 17 for 4th, 15 for 5th, then 10 points for each competitor in 7th place and below) and the Series Prize is awarded to the Girl and Boy in each age group who have the highest total scores of their best three race results.

The Series Prize Winners for each category will win a fab two-day one-night adventure in a Big Tree Campervan!

Loads More Detail About the Series
1. What is the series all about?

Now in its 6th year, the ‘Big Tree Campervans Tayside & Fife Regional Youth MTB Series 2017’ will continue with the same principles of proving a fun, local and accessible mountain bike race experience.

It is a multi-discipline race series aimed at children & young people in the autumn. All races are suitable for a hard-tail mountain bike & will serve as a local introduction to the sport of mountain biking.

It will allow young riders to develop a range of MTB skills, to try a range of disciplines of mountain biking, and is an excellent introduction to “non-serious” MTB races.

2. What are the different types of race?

Dirt Crits (Mineralwell Park, Templeton Woods and Lochore Meadows)
Riders race for a specific length of time around a laid out circular course. The aim of the race is to complete as many laps as possible within the allocated time. It’s a fun mass start and we race boys and girls together.

Approximate times of each race categories:

Under 8s                             – 12 minute race

Under 10s                           – 12 minute race

Under 12s                           – 20 minute race

Under 14s &16s                – 30 minute race

Mini-Down Hill (Kinnoull Hill Perth)
A timed run down a purpose-built downhill course, with riders setting off at 1 minute intervals.  There will be plenty of practice time, and the course is fun, and suitable for decent hard-tail bikes – i.e. you definitely don’t have to have a full-suspension downhill bike! Riders will each get 2 timed runs, and the fastest wins! Full face helmets must be used. We will have some helmets available to borrow.

Endurance (Hairy Coo)
A race of up to one hour (for older age groups) on a cross-country style course with variable surfaces.   Mass start by age group, great fun, and a real test of “puff”!

3. Do I need any specialist equipment?
  • You need a mountain bike – a hard-tail mountain bike is absolutely fine.  Sorry, no Cyclo Cross bikes, balance bikes allowed!
  • All bikes must have working brakes and plugs in the end of the handlebars (‘bar ends’)
  • All riders must wear a hard shell cycle helmet, which is correctly fitted and in good ‘working order’.
  • For the Mini-Downhill, you must have a Full Face Helmet – if you don’t have one, it is possible to borrow one on the day of the race, but you must contact as soon as possible to arrange this.
  • Full finger gloves are recommended.
4. What are the different age categories?

Using “under” can sometimes be a bit confusing… so the easiest thing to do is to focus on the rider’s year of birth:

8 +Under             born in 2010 or before

10 +Under           born in 2008 or 2009

12 +Under           born in 2006 or 2007

14 +Under           born in 2004 or 2005

16 +Under           born in 2002 or 2003


+ Mini-DH round only – Given the nature of the event there will be NO Under 8 category.

* Mini-DH round only – Given the nature of the event entrants for the under 10 category will be ‘by application’ Under 10s will need to name a fully qualified UKCC level2 coach who can confirm their riding ability for the event. If you have any questions about this, please contact Martin Harris.

The Hairy Coo is an established event which has two races relevant to this series’ riders: “Bairns” which is for under 12s, and “Wee” which is for over 12s.

Riders in the series U14 and U16 age groups will need to enter the Hairy Coo Wee race, and U10 and U12 will need to enter the Hairy Coo Bairns race. The organisers at Hairy Coo will ensure the results of the series age groups are split out within each of the two races.

5. How are the races scored?

There are five races in the series. Points will be allocated in each race based on the riders place in the race:

Place Points
1 25
2 22
3 20
4 17
5 15
6 13
7 or less 10
There will be medals for the top three boys and girls in each age group in each race, plus Certificates of Participation for everyone!

The Series Winners will be the girl and boy in each age group who have the highest total scores of their best three race results. In the event of a draw, the results of their next best race will decide the series winner. In other words, you have to enter at least three races to qualify for the Series Prize.

6. What is the series prize?

The Girl and Boy winner in each of the 5 age categories the will win a fantastic –

Two-day, one night campervan hire from Big Tree Campervans.

Obviously, it will be the Series Winners’ parent/guardian who actually hire, and drive the campervan (!!), as they need to be aged 25-70. Includes the hire of a bike rack, and winners can add additional days on to the hire at normal rates if they chose to do so. The Series Prize can be taken any time up to 1st November 2019.

7. How much does it cost?

The Dirt Crit races and the Mini Downhill races will each cost £6- pre-entry (£5.00 for the race & £1.20 booking fee) and £10 on the day.

The Endurance event (Hairy Coo) costs £5 for the Bairns Race and £12 for the Wee Race.

8. How many can enter?

We are hopeful of a great turnout this year – thanks to the success of last years events and the increase in profile for mountain biking as a sport.

Although restricting young people to get involved in our events isn’t our natural position we feel to ensure the events are safe & fun each age category will have these maximum numbers:

Under 8 50 riders
Under 10 40 riders
Under 12 & 14 40 riders
Under 16 30 riders
We will allow entry on the day on a first-come-first-served basis for the amount of places left for each age category. There is no gender split to the allocation of places.

9. How do I enter?

You DO NOT have to be a British/Scottish Cycling member to enter any of the races in the series, although there are a great range of benefits

You can enter each of the races on the day, but it is preferable to enter online beforehand (it really does make the organisation easier, and for most of the races it’s cheaper!)

To enter online for the Dirt Crits or the Mini Downhill, you need to register with British Cycling before you can enter online – you don’t need to join BC, you just need to register on their website. On the British Cycling website, you register by finding the event on the Event tab, clicking Enter for the race, and it then brings up a Login/Register screen.

To enter online, you need to enter before 5.00pm on the Wednesday before each race.

Once you have entered online, you will receive a full race pack by email the Thursday evening before the race – this will confirm the details which you can already see on the BC website, e.g. times, locations etc.

To enter all rounds (excluding Hairy Coo – see below) visit –

Round 3 is part of the “Hairy Coo” races at Comrie Croft, and these are not registered with British Cycling. You enter online at Drovers’ Tryst. If the rider is in the BTC Series U8, U10 or U12 categories, they enter the “Bairns Race”. If they are U14 or U16 they enter the “Wee Race”. We will then split them into the relevant Big Tree age categories on the day. If they are 12 or over they can also enter the Big Race in addition to the Wee Race if they want to, but of course the Big Race isn’t part of the BTC series.