There are a range of extras which you can choose to include in your holiday;
it all depends on the adventure you want to create!

Awning with Sleeping Compartment - £50

We’ve found it can be really handy to have some additional space outside the campervan, especially if you’re found a perfect spot to stay for a few days, if you’re in a larger group and want some communal space, or if you just want the kids to have the fun of sleeping in ‘under canvas’. We’ve found Vango Airbeam awnings are perfect for Big Tree Campervans – very spacious, with a two-person internal sleeping compartment, they are very easy to put up.  (Simply pump up the airbeams, no poles!)  Cleverly, the awning attaches really simply to the side of the campervan, and the whole awning is self-standing, so you can choose to drive your campervan away for the day, leaving the awning still standing.

Bike Rack for Up To 4 Bikes - £20

We can supply bike racks for 2 or 4 bikes. They are all the fab Maxx-Raxx style where the bikes hang securely from the crossbar, and come with lighting boards and a double padlock system. We’ve found to be by far the simplest and securest way to carry your two-wheeled friends, and we’ve even got a range of ‘false crossbars’ if your bike has a very steeply sloping crossbar Gosh, we think of everything!

Sleeping Mats for the Awning (per person) - £5

If you’re planning on using the external awning as a great additional sleeping space, we can provide ‘Thermarest’ sleeping mats to help you have a warm and comfortable night’s sleep.

External gas BBQ - £15

All our campervans have an external gas point, so if you fancy doing lots of cooking outdoors, then this gas BBQ is perfect. It’s small enough to be easily stored away, and powerful enough to whip up a great outdoor-cooked meal.

Porta Potti - £15

If you’re planning to be miles from the nearest ‘convenience’, or just fancy that additional bit of freedom, then the Porta-Potti is what you need. It’s a freshwater flushable portable toilet which you can use literally anywhere. Once it’s got a full flush tank, it’s all self-contained, and you don’t need access to drainage or water. It’s a simple design in two halves – the top half is the flush tank and adult sized seat, the bottom is the waste tank which is easy to empty when you’re back in civilisation. Not only that, but it also comes with it’s own easy to erect ‘Toilet Tent’. The tent is really robust, packs down small and even has a toilet roll holder.

DVD Player with twin screens - £20

If the weather isn’t living up to expectations, or you just fancy relaxing in the evening with a great movie, we can supply a DVD player. They’ve got twin screens, so if you want to you can all watch the same movie from the roof bed and ‘downstairs’.

Windscreen and Tyre Insurance - £25

Your insurance cover excludes any damage to tyres or windscreens (annoying, we know!). We normally have to charge £50 to repair any stone chips, and new windscreens are pricy! So, we’ve arranged with our insurers that for a flat fee of £25 you can have complete cover against windscreen breakage, stone chips and any damage to tyres, including replacement tyres.

Sat Nav (Tom Tom GO930 traffic) - £20

We supply a set of road maps, but if you’d prefer your own Sat Nav, we supply this great Tom Tom system which is really easy to use.

Additional Driver Insurance (per day) - £5.00

The insurance cover you get included in the rental is for one driver. We can add additional drivers up to a max of three.

Damage Excess Reducer

A damage excess of £750 normally applies to all claims, i.e. you are responsible for paying the first £750 of all claims for any damage to the campervan. However, for £15 per day you can reduce this excess to only £200, i.e. you would only be responsible for paying the first £200 of all claims for any damage to the campervan.

Child Seats - From £5

UK law requires that children under 135cm height must use ‘the correct child restraint’. We’ve got a range of child seats, so it’s easier to give us a ring to discuss exactly what your child needs. If it’s simple a ‘booster seat’ then we’ll throw these in for free.

Bedding (per person) - £10

You’re welcome to bring your own bedding, but if it’s easier for you, we can supply it for you. Let us know whether you’d prefer duvets or sleeping bags, and we’ll make sure you’ve got all the bedding and pillows you need.

Towel Packs (per person) - £5

Again, to save you the hassle of bringing your own, we can supply one large and one small towel per person.

Additional Camping Chairs (per chair) - £5

We supply 2 adult chairs as standard, and have a range of sizes and styles if you want more.

Celebration Bubbly & Brownies - £20

If you really want that touch of luxury, maybe for a special occasion, why not treat yourself to a bottle of cool fizz and some of our delicious home-made chocolate brownies. Looks gorgeous, tastes fantastic, and is a great way to start that special holiday.


If you’re not making your own way to us, then we’re happy to pick you and your family up from airports or train stations. We can normally fit in with your schedule, but do ring us, especially in the busy summer periods, so we can make all the necessary arrangements. For Edinburgh and Glasgow pick-ups, we can only transfer you to and from the airport, so please don’t request to be dropped off in the city centre.  If you’re arriving by train, do check if your train stops at Dunkeld (the next stop north after Perth), as it’s even easier to pick you up from Dunkeld that it is from Perth!  Prices include pick-up and drop-off.

  • Edinburgh Airport £120
  • Glasgow Airport £140
  • Perth Train/bus Station Free
  • Dunkeld Train Station Free
Scotland Camping Map - £8.00

Simply the best and most comprehensive directory of campsites in Scotland! It combines a large-scale map and useful details of individual sites – don’t leave home without one!

Avon Skin-So-Soft - £7.00

Defeat the Scottish midge!! This amazing stuff is used by everyone who’s outdoors in Scotland in the summer, ranging from forestry workers, any sensible summer walker, and even the Royal Marines! It works wonders by being probably the only product which actually does stop the Scottish midge biting! Moisturises your skin too! Normal shop price is around £6.50 per bottle!

Vango awnings with sleeping compartment
Vango Awnings with Sleeping Compartment
Bike Rack for up to 4 Bikes
External gas BBQ
Porta Potti
Optional Outdoor Toilet for Campervan
Sat Nav (Tom Tom GO930 traffic)
Optional Tomtom Go 500 Sat Nav for your campervan